Choke Free Dog Harnesses

Hello, my name is Tuffy and my friends name is Missy.

We are so glad that we found the choke free dog harnesses at

I like the mesh choke free harness because it does not choke and gag me.

When my mommy pulls on my leash, it pulls around my body not my neck and windpipe area.

It feels so much better on me than a regular step in harness!

Missy likes the leather choke free harness because it does not choke her or mess up her fur.

And we all know how a prissy dog is about her fur!

Why does your dog need a choke free dog harnesses?

Our harness does not come in contact with the dog's throat area and air way. It does not put pressure on your dog's trachea or windpipe.

The step and wrap design is a easy on and easy off. This harness is a non choking, comfortable one piece design.

Get your dog a choke free dog harness today and stop the gagging, coughing and choking!

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