Train your Dog to Wear a Muzzle

Train your Dog to Wear a Muzzle
A muzzle is an effective humane tool for dog training.
The wire basket or the Italian basket muzzles are the best for the dog because the basket muzzle will allow them to pant and drink water.

Muzzle training your dog does not need to be hard and stressful.

You should slowly introduce your dog to the muzzle.

Let the dog sniff the muzzle.

Put treats in the muzzle and let him put his nose inside to get the treats out.

Some customers use peanut butter, dog food, cheese or any treat that your dog likes. Make the muzzle a happy and positive experience.

For some dogs getting them comfortable with the muzzle can be done within 20 to 30 minutes, for other dogs it might take a few days.

Once you feel the dog is not afraid of the muzzle put it on him.

During this time be sure to praise him.
Some dogs actually associate putting the muzzle on with getting to go outside.

Basket Dog Muzzle Information

Your dog MUST have enough room to pant and open his mouth when the dog muzzle is on the dog.

The circumference given is the exact circumference of the basket.
The muzzles circumference must be larger than your dogs nose measurement. If your dogs nose is the exact same size as the dog muzzle, your dog will not be able to open his mouth to pant and drink water.
How does my dog drink water with a basket dog muzzle on??<
For most basket dog muzzles, the dog should be able to put his snout in a water bowl and lap the water up from inside the basket muzzle.
Drinking water is something that your dog will have to figure out on his own. LENGTH
If you get the dog muzzle too long, it will get in the dogs eyes.
If you get the dog muzzle too short, the dogs nose will be pressed up against the end of the basket.
The length of the dog muzzle can vary about 1/4" either way.

Head Strap
How to keep your dog's basket muzzle from falling off.
Some muzzles come with a head strap and some don't.
If your dog's muzzle does not have a head strap you can easily add one.
Tie a piece of string that is about the same width as a shoe string to the very top of the basket.
Run the other end of the string between the dogs eyes, over the head and tie it to the strap that goes around his neck.
You can adjust it as needed.

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