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Choke Free Dog Harness

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The comfort of your dog is our highest concern. Not sure if this harness is right for you? Give us a call!
Stop the gagging, coughing and choking of your dog with our choke free dog harness. Our nylon choke free dog harness is a simple and durable one piece easy step in mesh dog harness which has no contact with your dogs throat.

This mesh harness has a comfortable non-choking step in wrap design that works well on both dogs and cats. Our harness is available in Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple nylon mesh and in five sizes that fit dogs and cats who measure from 11 inches to 20 inches around the chest.

This dog harness works well for most dogs even hard to size Dachshunds. The size is determined by measuring the dog's chest just behind the front legs.

  • Size XSmall fits a 11 to 12 inch chest. $18.00
  • Size Small fits a 13 to 14 inch chest. $18.00
  • Size Medium fits a 15 to 16 inch chest. $18.00
  • Size Large fits a 17 to 18 inch chest. $20.00
  • Size XLarge fits a 19 to 20 inch chest. $20.00
For correct fit please measure your dog's chest right behind the front legs, go all the way around.

If your pets neck measurements fall between two sizes, we recommend ordering the next largest size.

If your dog's hair needs to be cut, cut it before measuring for this harness.

This is the original choke free dog harness.
There are similar harnesses that claim to be a non choking harnesses but they may still put pressure on the dog's neck area and windpipe and cause the dog to gag and choke.
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