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Nylon Choke Dog Free Harness

Nylon Choke Dog Free Harness
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Our VelPro nylon choke free dog harness will stop the gagging, coughing and choking of your dog.
This nylon mesh dog harness is proven to work better because it is a simple and durable, one piece, easy step in design which protects the neck and throat of your dog.
Imagine how much better your dog will feel with a soft nylon dog harness which has no contact with the tracheal or neck area.
For correct fit please measure around your dog's chest at about 1 inch behind the front legs, go all the way around in a circle.

Choke Free Harness Size Guide
Size XSmall fits a 11 to 12 inch chest $23.00.
Size Small fits a 13 to 14 inch chest $23.00.
Size Medium fits a 15 to 16 inch chest $23.00.
Size Large fits a 17 to 18 inch chest $25.00.
Size XLarge fits a 19 to 20 inch chest $25.00.

If your dogs chest measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend ordering the next largest size.

The unique design of our choke free harness does not put pressure on your dogs airway.

Our nylon mesh harness is proven to work great on both dogs and cats.

No need to worry about buckles with this harness.

The velcro closure allows this harness to be put on and taken off easily.

Our harness is available in Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Coral and Mint Green.

Matching Leash

This is the original choke free dog harness.
There are similar harnesses that claim to be a non choking harnesses but they may still put pressure on the dog's neck area and windpipe and cause the dog to gag and choke.

Our model Maggie is a 4-1/2 pound Yorkie and is wearing a X-Small choke free harness.

Customer Review
The No choke dog harness saved our dog's life!
Our recent first time order of a small purple no choke harness was the best decision we could have made for our little 6lb. Sweet Pea, our senior Chihuahua.
She traveled 2000 miles with the harness attached to a dog tether seat belt this past week, and she was spared any injury when we were sideswiped, wrecking the door next to where she was tethered, as well as my drivers side door.
The harness kept her perfectly safe in the collision of a speeding, out of control car that was attempting to pass us in PA as we returned from a visit with our kids and grand kids.
Thank you, thank you! Frances T., Bristol, VT.

My dog and I both love this light weight mesh choke free dog harness. Thank you so much for providing such a great product at such a good price! Shirley Woods.
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