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8mm Nylon Choke Collars

Item# 6337
$7.99, 3/$21.00, 6/$30.00
Our tough, durable 8mm nylon mountain collar is easy on dogs with long hair.

$7.99 each, 3 for $21.00, 6 for $30.00.

This rope collar does not snag on the dogs fur.

The 8mm collar is about the size of a pencil.

This collar is available in the following colors Red Stripe, Blue Stripe, Black Stripe and Pink Stripe.

For correct size please measure your dogs neck and add at least 2 inches.
The size of this collar includes the rings from end to end.

The 8mm choke collar is available in Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20.
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