1 Inch Zeta Collars with Name PlateZoom

1 Inch Zeta Collars with Name Plate

1 Inch Zeta Collars with Name Plate
Item# zeta-collar-1
$8.99, 3/$26.00, 6/$49.00, 12/$90.00
Name Plate Line 1:
Name Plate Line 2:
Name Plate Line 3:
Name Plate Line 4:
Our 1 inch wide regular style and center ring Zeta collars have the softness and feel of leather.

Zeta is a poly vinyl coated webbing material which features the look of leather and the durability of nylon.

Zeta is also flexible in any temperature, soil, odor and rot resistant and water repellent.

The bright colors make your dog easy to identify in the field. You can add extra holes or cut the lenght without burning.

The #100A is the regular style collar.
The #110 is a collar with a center ring.
To get the correct size collar please measure your dogs neck.

Collars with name plates attached can not be returned.
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