Spiked Leather Collar with Name Plate SpaceZoom

Spiked Leather Collar with Name Plate Space

Item# 129K
Our 2 inch wide spiked leather dog collar tapers to 1 inch wide at the buckle for easy buckling.

The 1/2 inch long spikes help to protect your pets neck.

This collar has a space for a optional name plate that looks good with or without a name plate.

This rugged collar is available in Brown leather for $39.99 or Black leather for $49.99.

The picture is shown with optional P160 Black aluminum name plate.
For correct collar size measure your dogs neck.

Size 19 fits a 14 to 16-1/2 inch neck.
Size 21 fits a 16 to 18-1/2 inch neck.
Size 23 fits a 18 to 20-1/2 inch neck.
Size 25 fits a 19-1/2 to 22 inch neck.
Size 27 fits a 21-1/2 to 24 inch neck.
Size 29 fits a 23-1/2 to 26 inch neck.

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