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Biothane Sunglo Material For Dog Collars

Item# sunglo-roll
Make your own water-proof dog collars with our biothane sunglo webbing! Great for active dogs, the collar stays clean even after an afternoon of rolling in the mud or playing with their friends.

This sunglo webbing is available in 100 foot rolls in 3/4 inch wide for $99.99 or 1 inch wide for $109.99.

The colors available are Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Neon Green, Pink, Purple, Silver, White, Solid Yellow, Yellow and Black,

Why Biothane SunGlo material?

  • Biothane is water-proof
  • Odor-resistant collar for long play days
  • Biothane webbing cleans easily with a quick wash in the sink
  • Bright, reflective surface makes sure your dog remains visible
  • Easily cut new collars without compromising strength
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