Perma Dog Collar with Name Plate 1 inch wideZoom

Perma Dog Collar with Name Plate 1 inch wide

Item# perma-1-np
$7.99, 3/$21.00
Name Plate Line 1:
Name Plate Line 2:
Name Plate Line 3:
Name Plate Line 4:
Our 1 wide Perma dog collars are some of the strongest collars made.

The extra tough and durable Perma material is made with layers of polyester fibers that are imbedded in rubber.

The design of this collar makes it easy to keep clean.

It is water repellent and resists odors.

The 110P Center ring has the ring in the center of the collar.
The 100P Regular D has the D ring behind buckle.

For correct collar size you must measure your dog's neck.

There is no refund or exchange on dog collars with name plates attached.

Our stamping machine will stamp letters, dashes and phone numbers only
We can stamp 4 lines with 21 spaces on line 1 and 4 and 19 spaces on line 2 and 3.
Most usually put their name, city, state and phone number.

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