2- Piece Rivets for Collar name plates (10-pack)Zoom

2- Piece Rivets for Collar name plates (10-pack)

Item# 153-2piece
Need extra rivets for your dog collar name plates?

This is a package of 10 sets.
This is enough rivets to attach 5 name plates to your collars.

#153.2 are 5/16 inch and work best on single ply collars like sunglo or leather.

#153.3 are 6/16 inch and work best for 2 ply leather and nylon collars.

Our 2-piece brass rivets provide a smooth finish front and back.

This rivet works well for sunglo material or single ply leather.

Easy to assemble..

Lay the plate on the collar and put 2 holes in the collar where you want the name plate to be set.

Stick the long part of the rivet through the collar from the under side of the collar.

Put the plate back on the collar with the rivets coming threw the holes in the plate.

Place the top part of the rivet on top of the end of the long rivet that is coming threw the plate and collar.

Tap top of rivet with a hammer until it is set.

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