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Tiny Dog Collars with Rhinestones

Item# 220
This beautiful 1/4 inch wide tiny dog rhinestone collar is made by hand in the USA..
This collar comes in vinyl or velvet.
In vinyl we have, Red, Blue, and Black, all with clear stones.

Want to JAZZ up the stones?
Try our Gold with gold stones, Pink with pink stones, Silver with blue stones or Turquoise with turquoise stones.
The vinyl adds a little “extra shine” to our already fabulous collar!

If extra shine is not what you are looking for, the velvet collar is the collar for you! In velvet we have FIVE colors to choose from.
You can get this fabulous soft collar in Red, Black, Blue, Pink or Purple. ALL of our velvet collars come with CLEAR stones.

These collars tend to run a little small. Please, take note at the below size chart.
Size 8 will fit a dog with a 5-1/2 to 7 inch neck.
Size 10 will fit a dog with a 7-1/2 to 9 inch neck.
Size 12 will fit a dog with a 9-1/2 to 10-3/4 inch neck.
Size 14 will fit a dog with a 10-1/2 to 11-3/4 inch neck.
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