Dog Muzzles

Hello. I am Mr. Higgins. I am a very happy golden retriever now that I am, once again, allowed to run free.

I'm 5 and a half years old and enjoyed eating many things I'm not supposed to eat when running free- including a golf towel, cardboard beer carton, a plastic lid from a beverage cup and "poopsicles".

After the second surgery it was decided I could no longer run free without some protection. I was so sad until I went to! We found the perfect, soft muzzle for non-aggressive doggies like me. It's made of plastic and leather, and allows me to breathe and pant normally while having the time of my life running freely.

Even with my muzzle, I interact beautifully with other dogs as I always have with my tail wagging non-stop.

Thank you so much for suggesting this muzzle and helping me measure for a perfect fit!


Mr. Higgins and his Mommy and Daddy

We have the biggest selection of wire, plastic, leather and custom made Dog Muzzles for Training and Behavior problems.

Our wire or plastic basket dog muzzles will allow your dog to pant and drink water.

We keep all muzzles in stock except the custom made leather muzzles.

Our Italian basket dog muzzles work very well for dogs that have pica.
Pica is when your dog has a habit eating nonedible items such as dirt, rocks, sticks, bones and articles of clothing.

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