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OmniPet Deer Tan Leather with Name Plate

$22.99, 3/$60.00
Name Plate Line 1:
Name Plate Line 2:
Name Plate Line 3:
Name Plate Line 4:
Our luxury hand-crafted latigo leather dog collars are lined with supple deer hide and come with a name plate attached.

The #4752 is 3/4 inch wide and in lengths 19, 21 and 23 for $22.99
The #4754 is 1 inch wide and in lengths 23, 25, 27 for $25.99 and size 29 for $26.99.

Chose from Havana brown leather with tan deer hide lining or black leather with gray deer hide lining.

A brass name plate will be attached to this collar.
This collar is measured from tip to tip.
Please measure your dogs neck.
Collars with name plates attached can not be sent back for a refund or exchanged.

Our machine will print letters, dashes and phone numbers only.
The letters will be in all caps.
We can put 4 lines with 21 spaces on line 1 and 4, 19 spaces on line 2 and 3.
Most dog owners usually put their name, city, state and phone number.

Our collars with brass name plates attached usually ship out within 2 to 3 days.

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