3/4 inch stamped Brass Name PlatesZoom

3/4 inch stamped Brass Name Plates

Item# P150
$3.95, 3/$9.00, 6/$15.00, 12/$24.00
Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:
If yes, please specify which collar:
Our dog collar brass name plates for your dog's collars will fit dog collars that are 3/4 inch wide and bigger.

These brass name plates are 3/4 inch wide by 2-3/4 inches long.
Our machine stamped brass plate can be attached directly to the dog collar.
This name plate makes your dog easy to identify.

If you order the name plate un-attached, rivets are included with each name plate.

Our stamping machine will stamp letters, dashes and phone numbers only.
The letters will be in all caps.
our machine will will not print the @ sign or the + plus sign.

If you need the @ sign you will need to order the P160 aluminum name plate or the EP165 engraved brass plate.

Our stamped brass plates can have up to 4 lines.
21 spaces can be stamped on line 1 and 4 and 19 spaces can be stamped on line 2 and 3.
The text on the name plate does not adjust.
It is the same size for one line or 4 lines.

Your dog's name plate should include your phone number so your neighbors will know who to call if they find your dog.

We will attach name plates to the collars, but no refunds or exchanges on collars with name plates attached.

Once they are put on they will not come off.
If you are not sure about the collar size, order them un-attached.

You can easily attach them yourself. (Rivets are included.)

Double check your typing for errors, once these plates are printed they can not be returned, exchanged or corrected.

Orders with stamped name plates are usually sent out within 2 to 3 working days.

How to attach the name plate to your collar
Lay the plate on the collar and put 2 holes in the collar where you want the name plate to be set.
Stick the long part of the rivet through the collar from the top side of the collar.
Put the plate back on the collar with the rivets coming threw the holes in the plate.
Place the top part of the rivet on top of the end of the long rivet that is coming threw the plate and collar.
Tap top of rivet with a hammer until it is set.

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