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Aluminum Name Plates

Item# P160
Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:
If yes, which collar:
Put just your dogs name in big letters or put your contact information in small letters.

The text is automatically centered and sized to fit the tag.

This plate has 4 lines with 20 spaces per line.
The less text the bigger the text is on the tag, more text the smaller the text is on the tag.

Rivets are included with each name plate or we can attach them to a collar on your order.

The gold aluminum or black aluminum name plate is 7/8 inch wide x 2 inches long.

Double check your typing for errors, once these plates are printed they can not be returned, exchanged or corrected.

Unless there is a name plate space on collars with spikes, studs or ornaments, we can not attach a rivet on name plate to the collar.

We will attach name plates to the collars, but no refunds or exchanges on collars with name plates attached.
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