A Message from an Aggressive Dog

Dear Humans,

For some reason, my humans have decided to tie me up outside everyday on a chain for hours and hours.
Everyday I feel lonely and isolated.
While Iím tied out on this chain,
I watch as the world passes by.
I see children playing and running around. Sometimes children throw sticks at me, but thereís nothing I can do to protect myself from them.
They scream at me and tease me by coming close and then running away.
Sometimes I watch people walking their dogs.
Other times I see dogs pass by without any humans.
They try to get near me. I get nervous and growl and bark at them so theyíll go away.
Everytime I try to run and sniff someone or run toward another dog, the chain holds me back.
I get a sharp pain in my neck.
Ouch! That hurts a lot! It makes me very angry and frustrated.
Now I donít like children and I donít like other dogs because they make this pain happen.
I am getting angrier with people.
I am living a miserable existence.

I wish my family would let me come inside with them.
I want to be with the rest of my pack, and not out here so isolated.
I wish my family would take me for walks and play with me.
I want to be with them.
Why did they bring me here in the first place? If I am a problem, they should have me trained.
I want to do the right thing, but I need to be shown what Iím supposed to do.
They punish me instead. I am a dog and do not think like humans.
I do not speak English. I speak ďDoglish.Ē

Today I bit a child who came too close to me!
The police were here to talk to my family.
They said a judge may say I have to die!
Please donít let this happen to your dogs!
Please, please donít tie your dogs out on a chain.

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