3/4 inch Leather Slider CollarsZoom

3/4 inch Leather Slider Collars

Item# 6670
3/4 inch wide genuine leather slider dog collars look good with or without the optional slider rhinestones letters and ornaments.

This Collar is shown with the optional rhinestones.

They are available in the following colors: Baby Blue, Blue, Black, Emerald Green, Jade, Mandarin Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow or stunning metallic colors: Metallic Apricot, Metallic Blue, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Emerald Green, Metallic Gold, Metallic Lime Green, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Metallic Red and Metallic Turquoise.

Rhinestones that slide onto the collars are sold separately for $3.95 each.

This 3/4 inch wide Leather Slider Collar is available in sizes 16, 18 and 20.
  • Size 16 will fit a dog with a 10 to 12 inch neck.
  • Size 18 will fit a dog with a 12 to 14 inch neck.
  • Size 20 will fit a dog with a 14 to 16 inch neck.
For correct collar size please measure your dogs neck.

Rhinestone Letters
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