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Chicken Harness

Item# 16-CHICKEN
Your chicken will strut their stuff in our nylon chicken harness.

You can now take your chicken for a walk.

This nylon chicken harness is available in colors Black, Blue, Pink, Purple and Red.

This harness is available in the following sizes.

The size X-Small (Pullet) fits a 8 inch neck and 11 to 15 inch chest.

The size Small (Hen) fits a 11 inch neck and a 13 to 17 inch chest.

The size Medium (Rooster) fits a 13 inch neck and a 15 to 21 inch chest.

The size Large (Big Rooster) fits a 15 inch neck and a 20 to 27 inch chest.

The size X-Large (Really Big Rooster) fits a 18 inch neck and a 22 to 30 inch chest.

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