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Finding The Best Dog Muzzle For Your Dog

There are several reasons why your dog might need a dog muzzle.
Junk Eater or has Lick Granuloma
A basket type muzzle will work best.
If sized correctly it will allow the dog to pant and drink water but not eat junk or lick.
The Italian Basket is the one used by most dog trainers. Italian Dog Muzzles
The wire basket is more durable than the plastic basket. Wire Dog Muzzles
Aggressive or Biter
The wire basket is the best for an aggressive dog. Wire Dog Muzzles
It has a head strap the runs between the dog eyes and hooks to the strap that buckles around the dogs neck.
The wire basket is much more secure because of the head strap.
Hard to size dogs
For some dogs the basket muzzle will be too long for their snouts.
We have leather baskets for short snout dog like Boston Terriers and pugs. Boston Terrier Dog Muzzles
We also offer custom made leather muzzles for hard to fit dogs. Custom Made Leather Dog Muzzles

Italian Basket Dog Muzzle
Wire Baskets
Baskerville Ultra
Custom Made Leather Muzzle
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