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Boxer Dog Muzzle

Item# PBoxerMuzzle
$21.99, 3/$59.00
This plastic boxer dog muzzle has a forehead strap to help prevent the dog from getting the muzzle off.
This boxer muzzle will fit short and wide snout dogs.

Size 4 The size 4 will fit Boxers and some Pitbulls. The size 4 muzzle has a 14 inch circumference. The length on the size 4 is 2-1/2" on the top and 4" on the bottom.

Size 5 The size 5 will fit large Boxers and some Mastiffs. The size 5 muzzle has a 15 inch circumference. The length on the size 5 is 3" on the top and 4-1/2" on the bottom.

Measure the length and circumference of the dogs snout. Add 1 to 2 inches to the dogs snout circumference.
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