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Overkill Nylon Hog Dog Collars

Item# Nylon-Hog
Stop your hog dog from getting hurt with our 4 inch wide padded nylon hog dog collars.

This collar is made with heavy-weight nylon and cordura material.

This hog dog collar is crafted to be super tough and helps to protect your dog's neck while hog hunting.

This hog dog collar is padded, comfortable, tough, durable and strong.
Our collar has a velcro closure with nylon straps.

Our collar is available in 4 sizes.

#6420 Size Small fits dogs with a 13-17 inch neck.
#6423 Size Medium fits dogs with a 16-20 inch neck.
#6426 Size Large fits dogs with a 19-23 inch neck.
#6429 Size X-Large fits dogs with a 22-26 inch neck.

This collar usually ships out within 2 to 3 days.
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