Wire Basket Dog Muzzle Information

  • Your dog MUST have enough room to pant & open his mouth when the dog muzzle is on the dog.

  • The circumference given is the exact circumference of the basket.
  • The muzzles circumference must be larger than your dogs nose measurement.
  • If your dogs nose is the exact same size as the dog muzzle, your dog will not be able to open his mouth to pant & drink water.

  • How does my dog drink water with a basket dog muzzle on??
  • For most basket dog muzzles, the dog should be able to put his snout in a water bowl and lap the water up from inside the basket muzzle.
  • Drinking water is something that your dog will have to figure out on his own.

  • If you get the dog muzzle too long, it will get in the dogs eyes.
  • If you get the dog muzzle too short, the dogs nose will be pressed up against the end of the basket.
  • The length of the dog muzzle can vary about 1/4" either way.

  • Our wire basket dog muzzles. Wire Basket Dog Muzzles

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