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Rottweilers Dog Muzzle

Item# Wire-Muzzle-Rot
This Rottweiler wire basket cage dog muzzle is used by the Humane Society and works great for hard-to-handle dogs during visits to the veterinarian or groomers.

The wire basket cage muzzle is highly recommended by Veterinarians, Dog Trainers and Behaviorist.

The wire basket dog muzzle will discourage dogs from biting, chewing and eating unwanted objects such as rocks and sticks and still allow for the dog to breath freely, pant and drink water.

The wire basket dog muzzle can be worn while the dog is walking, playing or running.

The dog muzzle is made of chrome wire and leather.

The straps are adjustable and won't stretch.

The nose pad inside the muzzle is made of leather, but is also lined and padded with felt.

The Rottweiler muzzle ia available in 2 sizes.

Rottweiler Size Medium #21:

The #21 basket is 4-1/2 inches long and 15 inches around.

Rottweiler Size Large #22:

The #22 basket is 5 inches long and 16-1/2 inches around.

Please measure your dogs nose length and circumference!

How to measure your dogs nose length and circumference:

Length - measure your dog from his eyes to the tip of his nose.

Circumference - measure just below the dogs eyes, go all the way around the snout.

This should be the widest part of the snout just below the eyes.

Add approximately 1 to 2 inches to the dogs exact circumference of his nose.

To see all sizes of the wire basket muzzles click here

Please use common sense when using any dog muzzle.

How long the dog is left unsupervised while muzzled is up to you, the dog owner.
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