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Midgaard Leather Dog Collar

Midgaard Leather Dog Collar
Midgaard Leather Dog Collar
Item Number: 9258
Price: $89.99
No refund or exchange on this collar: 

Item Description
This beautiful black 2 ply Latigo Leather dog collar features Antique Nickel Midgaard ornaments guarded by Swarovski Jewels, Antique Nickel Bullets and Rundnietes. The keeper is adorned with Antique Nickel Spitznietes.
This genuine MADE IN THE USA leather dog collar is available in the following sizes.
Size 23 fits neck sizes 17-1/2 inches to 19-1/2 inches. $89.99
Size 25 fits neck sizes 19-1/2 inches to 21-1/2 inches. $89.99
Size 27 fits neck sizes 21-1/2 inches to 23-1/2 inches. $99.99
Size 29 fits neck sizes 23-1/2 inches to 25-1/2 inches. $99.99
Size 30 fits neck sizes 24-1/2 inches to 26-1/2 inches. $104.99
Measure your dogs neck carefully. Use the dogs EXACT neck measurement.
This custom made dog collar can not be returned for a refund or exchanged.

This custom made dog collar will not ship out for 8 to 12 working days.
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