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Italian Basket Dog Muzzle Size 8

Italian Basket Muzzle Size 8

Italian Basket Muzzle Size 8
Italian Basket Muzzle Size 8
Italian Basket Muzzle Size 8

Italian Basket Muzzle Size 8
Item Number: M180-8
Price: $18.99
3 for $48.00

Item Description
Our Italian basket Dog Muzzle can be used as a training aid to reduce biting, barking, chewing and aggression. This plastic basket muzzle will also discourage dogs from eating unwanted objects such as rocks & sticks while allowing the dog to pant & drink water.
These flexible polyethylene (plastic) basket muzzles feature a adjustable leather strap and removable front grill for added comfort and access. They're also able to withstand extreme temperatures without breaking.
The circumference of the size 8 basket is 14-1/4 inches.
The basket length is 4 inches.
The neck strap length (buckle to last hole) is 22 inches.
Generally fits breeds such as Airedale, Bull Terrier, Chow Chow, English Setter, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Irish Setter, Rhodesian Ridgback, Siberian Husky and similar size dogs.
How to measure:
Circumference - measure at approximately 1" below the eyes go all the way around the snout.
Length - measure your dog from the inside corner of one eye to the tip of their nose.
Note: order the muzzle that is 2" to 2-1/2" bigger than the exact circumference of the dogs snout.
The circumference listed is the exact circumference of the basket.
The baskets circumference must be larger than your dogs snout measurement.
If your dogs snout is the exact same size as the dog muzzle, your dog will not be able to open his mouth to pant.
Please use common sense when using any dog muzzle. Getting a dog used to a dog muzzle takes time and patience. You will need to gradually introduce the dog to the muzzle.
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