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Wide Leather Collars

Our leather dog collars are a great way to dress your dog for special events, parties, weddings and family portraits. We use a variety of Hand Hern Antique brass and nickel ornaments which are imported from Switzerland. Our genuine hand crafted leather dog collars dress your dog in majesty fit for a monarch.
The Texas Ranger Collar
Price: $39.99
Leather Collar with Jewels
Price: $29.99
Celtic Knot Leather Dog Collar
Price: $79.99
Lederhund Leather Dog Collar
Price: $89.99
Gaelic Dragonheart  Black Collar
Price: $89.99
Gaelic Dragonheart Burgundy Dog Collar
Price: $89.99
Midgaard Leather Dog Collar
Price: $89.99
Celtic Bullet Leather Collars
Price: $79.99
Knotted Cross Leather Dog Collar
Price: $89.99
Thor's Hammer with Brass Leather Collar
Price: $99.99
Thor's Hammer with Nickel Leather Collar
Price: $99.99
2 in Wide Leather Collars for Large Dogs
Price: $59.99
Guardian Leather Dog Leads
Price: $49.99
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